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CFIDS/FM Treatments


For 20 years we have developed the most comprehensive and integrative treatment program available in the U.S. Dr. Conley works with you to find the underlying problems and resolves those using proven medical and natural treatments. Although there are similar factors related to Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, we recognize that each illness is unique to that person. Our treatment program includes the following:

Improved Mitochondria Function
Nearly everyone with fatigue or CFIDS has functional blocks in how they generate energy inside the power plants (mitochondria) of every cell. Dr. Conley has developed advanced testing that can determine where these blocks are, repair the damage, and restore your energy production. Your brain, immune system, muscles and detoxification system all require energy to function normally. Therefore, repairing your mitochondrial function is critical to your recovery.

Adrenal Support
Most people with CFIDS or FMS suffer from adrenal fatigue. We specialize in testing that evaluates your adrenal function. For 20 years we have worked to design treatment protocols aimed at restoring your adrenal strength. Adrenal weakness contributes to fatigue, inflammation, low immunity, orthostatic hypotension, stress intolerance and Fibromyalgia. Strengthening your adrenals is a must if you are to restore your health.

Correction of Immune Dysfunction
Many people have poor immune function which contributes to chronic viral or bacterial infections. We have an innovative program designed to supercharge your immune system to aide in the fight against infections such as EBV, CMV and HHV6.

Hormone Balancing
Hormones are absolutely essential for the production of energy, brain function, and immunity. We evaluate your hormone levels with specialized testing and treat any imbalance using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Food Allergies
Nearly every person we see with autoimmune disease has hidden food allergies which increase immune activation, releasing pro-inflammatory cytokines and increasing inflammation. We use the most advanced and comprehensive food allergy testing available. Once we know what your toxic foods are, we develop a treatment program designed to help you avoid these offensive foods and reduce your inflammation. Some patients rid themselves of lifelong chronic illnesses and feel a tremendous boost in energy with just this simple step.

Repair of Bowel Dysbiosis
The bowel is where we absorb all the nutrients necessary for energy production. Often abnormal bacteria or yeast overgrowth can produce toxins that obstruct your energy production. Millions of Americans have irritable bowel and nearly everyone with CFIDS or FMS have bowel problems. We work to identify the abnormal bacteria or yeast, treat it, and then restore your good bacteria and other nutrients necessary for health.

Nutritional Deficiencies
Mitochondrial energy production is absolutely dependant on proper level of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants. Specialized testing is available to determine your levels of these vital nutrients and design a program specific to your needs to replenish these nutrients and up-regulate your energy.

Yeast Overgrowth
Many people have had multiple courses of antibiotics which lead to yeast overgrowth. The overgrowth of yeast then produces toxins which may interfere with energy production, cognitive function, and up-regulate pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body (increasing inflammation and pain). Special testing is done to evaluate if you have yeast overgrowth and a program is designed to reduce the yeast and improve bowel function.

Dr. Conley has worked to develop the most innovative treatment program available. Our clinic was founded with the following in mind: Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are real and you can get better! How do we know? We have helped thousands of people like you return to full health. You just need the right treatment plan and the right clinic.

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