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Patients Testimonials

"The best part of treatment was having a doctor and nurse that are willing to work with you. I feel that Dr. Conley and his staff are intelligent, kind and understanding. He has helped me tremendously!
— Carolyn F

The best part is the personal attention, the attentiveness to how I feel, and the attention paid to the changes that have occurred in me as treatments progress. I feel like life is starting all over for me. A new better life!
— J. Hinds

I started out sleeping almost all day and now I can work a full time job and do things with my family. The treatment gave me more energy and overall made me feel better. I try to have a positive outlook every day because it just feels great to be me again!
— Karen H.

Dr. Conley has brought me a long ways from where I was in 1997 I am able to work full time now. It was all worth it, if your doctor, or any doctor ever tells you will have to live with your fatigue I would recommend Dr. Conley. He is excellent!
— Joanna

It means the world to me to have someone who truly works with me to fight this illness. Your endless battalion of ideas and caring efforts give me renewed faith that I will someday be completely healthy. You are a very special person and an amazing Doctor. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all you do!
— Candace L.

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